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COVID-19 Pandemic Resources


September 24, 2021 – Proof of Vaccination Requirements (click here):

Proof of Vaccination Requirements


UCC Pandemic Response Bridging Loan Application Form (click here):
The purpose of this loan is to assist communities of faith in continuing with operations, while complying with Disbursement of Funds Priorities—Order of Priority (The Manual, section G.4.2.4). This is an emergency response to the pandemic and is for helping communities of faith bridge the financial strain. It should not be used in any other way.

The above form is to be submitted together with this form: Regional Council requirements for UCC Bridging Loan – Form


Please consult local, provincial, and federal public health agencies for the latest updates on COVID-19 that may affect your community of faith. Many churches are moving to online worship and connecting through conference calls as well. Below are some resources to be of assistance. Remember: We are not alone.

The United Church of Canada has prepared the Emergency Plan to help communities of faith plan ahead for contingencies that may or may not arise, realizing that planning ahead is a way to reduce anxiety. The Faith Communities and COVID-19 page on The United Church of Canada website offers  resources, links and news on one central page.


Offering Recommendations
Recommendations from the Philanthropy Unit about the offering as congregations plan to return to in-person worship.

Gratitude and Generosity Bulletin Template
The above page is a template for a bulletin insert about generosity and giving for use during the Season of Easter or the whole season.  Please personalise it for your context. Replace words within square brackets to suit your needs: delete the methods of giving that you do NOT use, and add opportunities for service in your community.

Congregational Support Toolkit

Pastoral Relations Toolkit

  • GS 81 Extension of Temporary Amendment of Bylaws re: Pastoral Relations; Temporary Amendment re: Congregational Annual Meeting
    • The General Secretary recommends: That the Sub-Executive of the General Council:
      1. extend the temporary amendments to pastoral relations policies that were originally adopted in April, 2020; (allowing governing bodies to make pastoral relations decisions if a congregational meeting is not possible)
      2. temporarily suspend the requirement in section B.5.1 of The Manual for congregations or pastoral charges to hold an annual meeting; and
      3. temporarily amend the responsibility of the congregation or pastoral charge to make a decision on their annual draft budget by allowing the governing body of the congregation or pastoral charge to fulfil this responsibility where necessary, and where permitted by the regional council;

      with each of the foregoing to be in effect until June 30, 2021, subject to earlier cancellation or further extension by decision of the Executive or Sub-Executive of the General Council.

  • Covid-19 Updates December 2020
  • Information on employees, and contract staff
  • PR Temporary Amendment Commentary
  • Request to Make Temporary Ministry Personnel Changes due to Pandemic – Form

Safety Considerations for Reopening during the Pandemic

Each council makes decisions on reopening for its areas of responsibility. The governing board of each community of faith should consult with its local public health unit, provincial health ministry, and regional council. The guiding principle is the safety of all who enter the building.