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Investment in Leaders Fund – Grants 2022

Application forms MUST BE COMPLETED PRIOR to the event, scanned, signed and emailed to: sduliban@united-church.ca or arwrc@united-church.ca for review by Antler River Watershed Regional Council Executive.

Download the Investment in Leaders Fund Application 2022 in doc format.
Download the Investment in Leaders Fund Application 2022 in pdf format.

To provide both ministry personnel and lay leaders with financial assistance for learning events, grants through the Investment in Leaders Fund are available for the 2021 calendar year. This fund continues to follow the spirit of policies developed by the former London Conference Individual Learning Fund and the former Rowntree Learning Fund for Leaders.

One of the guiding criteria adopted is an effort to share equitably the funding allotted to our Regional Council. Therefore, grants will be limited to one-third (1/3) of the associated costs, to a limit of five hundred dollars ($500).  There is no longer an expectation that the Community of Faith and applicant must share the remaining costs equally.

  • Applications can only be received by an individual once per calendar year.
  • At least half (1/2) of the entire fund is reserved for grants to lay leaders.

The application form is to be completed in consultation with an appropriate person or committee within the Community of Faith. For ministry personnel, this would be the Ministry and Personnel Committee. For lay leaders, this could be the Session or Christian Development Committee or an equivalent.

Please fill out all the sections except the one indicated for ‘Antler River Watershed Regional Council Approval.’ Travel costs should be calculated for the most economical and practical form of transportation, personal vehicle use is reimbursed at the General Council rate of .42¢ per kilometer.

The completed form must be submitted to the Regional Council Office prior to the beginning of the event for review by the Antler River Watershed Regional Council Executive. Applications received ‘after the fact’ cannot be processed. Please forward application to Antler River Watershed Regional Council, via email to:

Sue Duliban
Re: Investment in Leaders Fund – Grants 2022
E-mail: sduliban@united-church.ca or arwrc@united-church.ca
Telephone: 1-833-236-0280 ext. 1