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General Council 44

The 44th General Council will meet online only in July 22 – 26, 2022. This will be the first time in the church’s 97-year history that the triennial meeting will not be in person. Education sessions on the business coming to the 44th General Council will begin in February 2022.

The General Council is the decision-making body for the United Church as both a denomination and a legal corporation (The Manual, 2021 Section D). The members of the General Council decision-making body are called Commissioners. Commissioners serve for three years. During that time, the General Council meets once in person and at least once per year electronically.

The General Council follows a three-step process:
The Listening/Learning phase will happen online early in 2022.

Electing Antler River Watershed Regional Council’s Commissioners (The Manual, 2021 Section D.1.1.e)

Click to fill out the General Council Commissioner Nomination Form.

The regional council will elect 13 Commissioners. In addition, the person who becomes President-Elect in 2021 and is installed as President in 2022 will attend, for a total of 14 Commissioners.

At its November 2, 2019 meeting, the regional council agreed to the following process for the election of commissioners:

  1. Have an initial round of voting to elect the following:
    • Two Indigenous Commissioners
    • The process to secure nominations for these positions to be determined in consultation with Indigenous ministries.
    • One (1) Youth Commissioner (Under 19 years)
    • One (1) Young Adult Commissioner (19-30 years)
    • One (1) Commissioner who identifies as racialized or differently abled
    • One (1) Commissioner who is a camp ministry representative.
  2. Have a second round of voting to elect the balance of Commissioners. Any positions not filled in the first round will be filled by the second. Any nominees not elected in the first round will be on the ballot for the second round.

Any positions described under section A) not filled at the May 2021 meeting and any other vacancies and alternates will be elected at the ARWRC Fall 2021 meeting.

Please consider who has the gifts to serve as a Commissioner and encourage them to let their name stand as a nominee.


  • A full member of a United Church of Canada congregation within the bounds of this regional council (The Manual, 2021 Section B.3.3.);
  • Time to prepare for General Council by familiarizing themselves with the material in advance and participating in the Listening/Learning online seminars;
  • Availability to travel to Calgary for General Council (note Commissioners’ travel is covered at economy rates; all accommodation and meals are provided).

Loving the church and longing for its faithful witness and its well-being are valuable qualities for a Commissioner to have.

Click to fill out the General Council Commissioner Nomination Form.

There will be an orientation session for the regional council Commissioners prior to General Council 44. The church is strengthened when there is a mix of experienced and first-time Commissioners.

General Council Proposals (The Manual, 2021 Section F)

A proposal is the way the church initiates action and change. Detailed information is laid out in the The Manual, 2021. Click here to view the GC 44 proposal formatting template.

If you would find advice helpful in framing the desired action or change as you craft a proposal, please feel free to be in touch with Executive Minister, Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa at csampa@united-church.ca.