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General Council 44

General Council is the decision-making body of the United Church as a whole. It brings together Commissioners (those elected to be members of this meeting of the General Council) to help set the course for the future of the United Church. The 44th General Council will meet online only in July 22 – 26, 2022. This will be the first time in the church’s 97-year history that the triennial meeting will not be in person. Education sessions on the business coming to the 44th General Council will begin in February 2022.

Antler River Watershed Regional Council GC44 Commissioners

Cheryl Ann Bolton, President Antler River Watershed RC
Kenji Marui
Richard Auckland
Mallory Brennan
Tabitha Carey
Gabrielle Heidinger
Olav Kitchen
Shane McDowell
Wendy Noble
Dr. Jo Ann Silcox
Mary Anne Silverthorn
Colin Swan
Rebecca Whiting
Pamela Wilcox

Electing Antler River Watershed Regional Council’s Commissioners  (The Manual, 2023 Section D.1.1.e)
Click to fill out the General Council Commissioner Nomination Form.

Western Ontario Waterways Regional Council has prepared three videos promoting Commissioners and, while the details are specific for that regional council, the content is informative for all.

Antler River Watershed Regional Council will be electing 13 Commissioners to accompany President Jane Van Patter to General Council 44, for a total of 14 Commissioners. As you consider General Council 44 Commissioner nominations, and who to vote for during the election of our ARW commissioners, remember the importance of reflecting the diversity of our denomination. Also, consider the diversity we as a church want (or need) as we seek to live out God’s mission. Ask yourself questions like:

  • Whose voices need to be heard in this decision-making body of our church?
  • Who’s missing from the table?
  • Whose wisdom, insights and experience can best contribute to the conversations and actions at GC44?

Let these questions – and others that Spirit brings – aid you in your decision-making.

General Council Proposals (The Manual, 2023 Section F)
Do you have an idea for a way to strengthen the United Church? If so, please consider preparing a proposal. (See The Manual, Section F) Proposals have a set format:

  • Title:
  • Originating Body:
  • What is the issue?
  • Why is this issue important?
  • What might the General Council do about it?

Detailed information is laid out in the The Manual, 2023. Click here to view the GC 44 Proposal Template. Proposals reach the General Council through the regional council. If submitting a proposal, please do so as soon as possible to allow the agenda and business team time to allow sufficient time for discussion.

If you would find advice helpful in framing the desired action or change as you craft a proposal, please feel free to be in touch with Executive Minister, Cheryl-Ann Stadelbauer-Sampa at csampa@united-church.ca for assistance. This would be help in terms of format and wording, not advice re the action itself.

Candidates for Moderator
Is the next Moderator of the United Church in our midst? Nominees for Moderator no longer need to be a Commissioner.


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