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Are you looking for ways to be more engaged in your local community? Are you looking for ways to fund all the community work you’ve dreamed of? Look no further! All Antler River Watershed, Horseshoe Falls, and Western Ontario Waterways changemakers, innovators, and community animators are invited to a Zoom gathering to learn about the exciting new grant opportunity, My Main Street.

The My Main Street Community Activator provides funding for placemaking projects that help strengthen the connection between people and places to drive economic activity and feelings of belonging.

Placemaking is a process that inspires people to collectively reimagine and reshape public space at the heart of every community in order to maximize its shared value.

Program funding will be provided through reimbursements for placemaking projects including but not limited to:

*Events and activities to draw visitors and create destinations;

*Above grade community enhancements to improve local streetscapes;

*The development of placemaking policies and partnerships that aim to create sustainable changes to an area to promote social cohesion and spur economic activity in a defined geographic area.

For convenience, the information session will be offered twice; choose the one that fits your schedule:

Wednesday October 6, 6:30pm to 7:45 pm


Wednesday October 13, 9:30am to 10:45 am

For more information or to register for one of the Zoom gatherings, contact Carla Leon or Diane Matheson-Jimenez

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