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Human Resource Commission


The Human Resources Commission carries responsibility for:

  • The formation and nurturing of healthy pastoral relationships;
  • The equipping and licensing of lay worship leaders.

The Human Resources Commission may create different resource pools.

In light of the sensitive nature of its work, all members of the Human Resources Commission and Human Resources Commission Resource Pool(s) are required to sign a confidentiality agreement.

The Human Resources Commission will meet with representatives from a community of faith before acting on requests from the community of faith.

See The Manual, 2024 Section C.2 references for responsibilities delegated to the Human Resources Commission (HR).

The Commission is accountable to the Executive through:

  • A representative of the Commission who also serves as a member of the Executive (may be the Chair but not necessarily so); and
  • The timely provision of minutes of its meetings according to the format established by the Regional Council Executive.
  • A Commission can choose to refer any matter delegated to it to the regional council executive.

For more information, see the Governance Handbook.

Human Resources Commission Leadership

Chair Kerry Stover send an email
Staff Resource Micol Cottrell send an email
Representative to Executive Louise Hall  
Member Paul Browning  
Member Jim Drummond  
Member Carol Ferguson  
Member Norm MacPherson  
Member Mary Anne Silverthorn  
Member Tracy Wygiera  
Member Melodee Lovering  
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